Swing School Statement

Thank you for your support and hard work throughout our Swing School time together; it has been a very great pleasure to teach you.

Although our teaching with Swing School has come to an end, we each have plans to offer educational programmes to continue your learning and development.

Ryan has launched The Authentic Jazz Academy, a real-world and online teaching resource for jazz dancers and Lindy Hoppers, both professional and non-professional.

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Lana is also developing a full training programme for Lindy Hoppers with her new project: Swing Intensive. Her mission remains the same, to bring professional standards of training to the world of Lindy Hop and swing dancing.

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We have known each other and worked together for fifteen years, and though our mutual decision to close brings with it some sadness, we carry forward all the great things that have made Swing School unique. We are very excited to begin our focus on the projects that we will deliver individually.

Thank you for everything you have brought to this adventure.

With love,

Ryan & Lana